Odd Year Blues: A Ballad


Instead of writing a long-winded essay about what went wrong with the Giants’ 2015 season, from the injuries to the rampant crappy pitching, I decided to simply eulogize the 2015 Giants with song. This is a song I call “Odd Year Blues”. If it seems strangely reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s “Tombstone Blues”, that’s just coincidence talking right there. However, you can totally sing along to it to the tune of “Tombstone Blues”, and you should totally do it. Come on, no one’s watching…

Odd Year Blues

The 2015 season is dead now of course
Sunk in a slew of injuries and remorse
Now we just reminisce about Mike Morse
To the odd year, we are averse

The teeth of the fans began to violently grit
As their Carolinian ace began pitching like shit
They lost to a team that comes from a dank pit
In my 2010 bluray, I will immerse

MadBum’s on the YouTube
The Royals ain’t got no clues
Pablo’s out in Boston
He’s rediscovered food
I’m knelt down over porcelain
With the odd year blues

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