Some changes have occurred recently in my writing “career”, and instead of trying to sum them up awkwardly in 140 characters or less on Twitter, I figured I’d just do a quick rundown on my lovely, little-utilized blog. Now, excuse me while I wipe off the dust and mouse shit from this thing.

As a lot of you were aware, I had been contributing to Fake Teams, which is part of Sports Blog Nation, for the past year-and-a-half. I had been posting about two articles a week there, discussing fantasy baseball matters and generally pretending that my fantasy teams weren’t annually ending up in the shitter. I ended my tenure there last week, though my work will still be archived here, for those interested. I do want to thank Ray Guilfoyle, the site manager, for bringing me on the staff there when I had very little background in fantasy baseball analysis. I also want to thank all the incredibly talented writers who I worked with on the site, those who continue to make Fake Teams one of the top places to go for fantasy baseball insight.

So on to the new. I’m excited to report that, as of last Monday, I’ve joined the talented staff of Bay Sports, a web site that provides daily coverage of every Bay Area sports team. Since Bay Area teams currently rule the sports landscape, I’m especially happy to be a part of this. I’ll be posting content on the Giants and A’s, and I’ll also be doing a lot of coverage of my home town Sacramento River Cats.

I’ve already had two posts published in the last week. The first was a write-up on Brandon Crawford, which went up last Monday morning. The second was a profile of Dan Straily, who just got called up to make a start for the A’s tonight and got knocked around. I appeared to be a genius for predicting that Straily would be brought up soon, but then looked like an ass when predicting he’d pitch, uh, well. I should have another article going up on Tuesday morning.

I’ll be linking to all my work on Twitter, so check it out! If you aren’t following me on Twitter, for some silly reason, go to @paulierice and click that awesome little “follow” button. Thanks again to all who have read and supported my work, and hopefully we’ll continue to have a lot of fun on the new site.

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